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Why Montessori? The Prepared Environment
Categories: General Knowledge Fund / Spotlight on Our Teachers / The Montessori Difference

This post continues Mrs. Rogers’s “Why Montessori?” series. Please read her introductory post HERE, especially if you’re a current parent of a WMS student! 

Why Montessori? The Prepared Environment

Furniture in Montessori classrooms is the appropriate size for the children who will use it. This is also true of the tools, utensils, and materials they will hold in their hands. Pictures hand on the wall at the level of the students’ eyes. Every classroom is organized in such a way that the sequence of learning is materially present on the shelves and obvious to the children. The goals of independent decision-making and internal motivation are built into the carefully prepared environment.

Montessori classrooms are as different as the teachers who tend them, but they evince an attention to order and beauty rarely witness in education. Most are filled with light, plants, fresh flowers, and an ambiance of grace. Environments affect the quality of the experiences within them. The earliest memories of learning are, for Montessori students, forever associated with the warmth and peace of their first classrooms.

For more of Mrs. Rogers’s series on “Why Montessori?,” please visit the blog in the next few weeks! Still to come are her thoughts on the importance of:

  • Purposeful Work
  • Skilled Leadership
  • Silence

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