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Wheaton Montessori Dad Shares: Montessori Education Prepares Children for Life

Categories: For Parents / General Knowledge Fund / Why Montessori

From Mohammed D., father of a current Wheaton Montessori School elementary student:

“We moved (our son) Aly mid-year into Mrs. Roger’s Primary class; we were unhappy with our local public school as we felt, among other things, Aly was unable to stretch and fully explore topics he was interested in.

  • The transition to WMS was great – we immediately saw that his learning extended beyond classroom learning and more about developing into a smart and compassionate individual.
    • Some traits we noted and appreciated immediately were (1) a heightened sense of care and concern for others, the planet, etc., (2) improved structure in thought and a general desire to be organized, and (3) a deeper sense of intellectual curiosity.
  • As we weighed our options, it was clear that the above traits would only be further reinforced; we continue to see that today now that Aly is in second grade.
  • However, as I take a step back and think about what I value the most about a Montessori environment, it is the project-based nature of development, where students are encouraged to take an idea and turn it into something (a project, a report, whatever it may be) and to exhaust every resource to get an answer.What is even better is that students are encouraged to then share the output with their peers and teachers.  I cannot stress the importance of this skill – everything we do as adults is in one sense or another a project. Many of us may struggle with different aspects of projects and some of this may be due to the fact that we were never conditioned early on in how to take on things in a project-based environment
  • The Montessori system is designed to help students excel in the real world, the focus is on applying concepts learned into real-life applications – this is something that is very much emphasized in the Elementary environment.