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What We Like About Summer…

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From Mrs. Mayhugh

I recently asked several staff members what they liked best about summers with their own children.  There were a few activities that came up again and again.  Here they are!

What We Like About Summer

Swimming – and the big appetites and heavy sleep that result!

Swimming, and more specifically swimming lessons, are a favorite around Wheaton Montessori School.  If you ask your child’s teacher what they recommend doing over the summer, they’ll no doubt say, “Swim lessons and library visits.”

Swimming lessons provide consistent access to the pool for children.  Young children especially need regularity in their schedules.  A set schedule for swimming not only provides that structure, but it provides the child with regular access to the pool for physical exercise, frequent opportunities to get comfortable in the water, and daily lessons in water safety.

Several teachers also joked about how great some of the unintended consequences of swimming can be.  After an afternoon of swimming, children are tired and hungry!  They eat well, sleep well, and burn off lots of energy!

Gardening – and seeing the “fruits” of their labor

Getting outside and gardening is something that our students do frequently during camp.

In the classrooms, your children learn the vocabulary for plant systems, parts, and varieties.  They take this knowledge outside to see the tomato plants, observe the butterflies

and honeybees drinking from the flowers, and watch the fruits develop on our plants.  Toward the end of summer, campers can pick tomatoes, harvest basil, foster swallowtail butterflies that love our dill plants, and more.

At home: plant your own garden!  With a quick trip to the garden department, you can enjoy this teacher-favorite activity with your children at home.  Tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, and peppers are good options for containers.

Summer Camp

One teacher noted that Wheaton Montessori’s summer camp was a way for her daughter to enjoy activities that were designed just for her.   Like the academic year, camp isn’t a one-activity-fits-all experience.  The teachers spend their days nurturing and encouraging each child’s interests and abilities.  The children all get individual attention, lessons, and activities.

Another teacher liked summer camp because it’s so easy to get in a rut at home, especially when it comes to screens.  A short TV-break before heading out to a park can easily transform into a morning or day of TV, especially when the weather gets really hot. “Those ‘Wild Kratts’ episodes sure can stack up fast!”  Knowing that her child had a morning filled with active and purposeful work made the afternoons together more stress-free.  The academic pressure was off and they were free to spend the afternoons swimming, bike-riding, and just being together.

Bike Riding

Photo Credit: Volkoslava, StoryBlocks

Not just for traveling to the swim lessons, bike riding is a favorite of teachers because of the coordination, attention, and physical fitness it requires!


Two teachers remarked that they’re favorite summer tradition was riding bikes as a family to the local 4th of July parade, then spending the rest of the day at the pool.


What are your favorite things to do with your children over the summer?  Leave them in the comments below!