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Montessori Academics: The Whole Child
Categories: Dr. Montessori / General Knowledge Fund / Preschool

When we speak of the whole child, we mean their social, emotional, physical, and academic well-being.  We want our students to care for each other, for themselves, and for their work.

We don’t want children to graduate from Wheaton Montessori School ONLY knowing how to read the encyclopedia; we want them to be able to talk with peers, make friends, and be able to get through rough times, in addition to building academic skills.

We want to continue the work you do at home in encouraging their character to develop.  We look for courage, kindness, and appreciation of beauty.  We look for love, patience, perseverance, compassion, and helpfulness.  We aim to help our students greet each day with enthusiasm and joy.  There is much more to life than reading and math, such as: depth of character, meaningful and fulfilling work, appreciation of beauty.

We know that success in school is directly tied to the degree to which children feel that they are capable and independent human beings.  So our environment and our approach to the children reflects this. We strive to make an atmosphere where children feel secure, loved, and encouraged.