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As told by Luke M., Age 5: Wheaton Montessori School Construction
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Wheaton Montessori School is under construction!

If you need a little help putting a smile on your face today, this is sure to help.

Many of our students are fascinated by the construction activities next door. One of our students, Luke M. in Mrs. Berdick’s primary class, is beyond fascinated and has become our “resident expert” on the new building. I recently sat down with Luke to discuss the progress on the new building. Here’s Luke’s report as of June 23rd:

Luke M

Question: Can you tell me what’s happening with the new building right now? 

Well first, they tore out the grass and dug a big hole. That’s where the excavators come in. Then they brought in cement from like 2 or 3 cement mixers. Now, the construction workers wear orange vests, like I am, so you can tell them apart. The workers all work in different ways. Same with the vehicles. Some vehicles are small over there. There are two excavators. They can spin around.

Question: What machine is your favorite over at the site? The excavator. It has a big boom to stretch out really dip and then it spins around to dump the dirt. DUMP! Also, I saw a big hook. I got to pick it up, but it was really heavy. When I got back I had to wash my hands because it was really rusty and dirty and old. Front loaders – see that one moving? – front loaders work in snowy areas. And some have jaws on the front so they can lift up pipes and logs.

Question: Do you know what’s next in the building plan? Well, they’re putting wires in. They’re going to put in an elevator. The elevator is coming…probably in a few days. There are going to be coat closets and three classrooms. And stairs.

And they’re putting in pipes. One pipe for toilets and one pipe for sinks. Clean water comes INTO the building and dirty water goes OUT to the sewer. That’s how the pipes work.

Question: Have you been in to tour the building yet? Yes, but there was nothing in there. Just a lot of tools and dust. But my classroom is moving. So. Ms. Chiste’s classroom is going over there, then my classroom, well, Mrs. Berdick’s classroom, is going into the middle building. My sister Grace’s classroom is going to be this whole building because right now it’s smaller. It’s going to be a bit separated. But I’m going to be over THERE (points excitedly).

Question: Have you always been interested in construction? Yup. Well, you know those orange cones on the road? They divide the cars so you can’t drive where the workers are working. Sometimes cars have to follow those orange cones. Or the cars would knock some of them over in front of our building, or ALL of them. And then the workers would really have a problem. I mean, they’d REALLY have a problem then.

[Sidenote: Perhaps we didn’t totally understand one another during this portion of the conversation.]

Did you know there’s a school for all of the workers to grow up on and learn how to be a construction worker? And the vehicles all have a school too, to learn how to be construction vehicles.

Question: Do you think you’d like to be a construction worker when you get older? Well, the police have already hired me. But you don’t want to do that because you’d have to tell them that you did something bad.

Me: But I don’t do bad things – I don’t break the law.  

Luke: My dad did.

Me: Oh really?

Luke: Yup. He went the speed limit. I heard a siren behind and me and well, then, yup, it was a policeman.

And we’re getting a new parking lot. The parking lots are going to have to be connected, but this one [the South lot] they’re just leaving small. But that’s why the trash cans are in this parking lot now.

We also discussed the weekly maintenance of the Port-a-Potty, but we’ll save that information for another time.  

Luke is spot-on with his observations. Pipes are being installed, wiring is being installed, and the elevator has been ordered. We know Luke will keep us informed of all of the updates!