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Help Wheaton Montessori Change the Face of Education


Montessori education – at Wheaton Montessori and other authentic Montessori schools- is terrific for all of our children.   As

we’ve said before, we want this education for as many children as we can reach.  The beauty of Montessori education (other than the materials), is that as it’s developmentally-driven, it truly can work for children of all abilities and strengths.

We’re now enrolling for JANUARY start-dates for children who will turn 2.5 to begin mid-year.


Tell a friend, tell a cousin, tell a niece, nephew, neighbor, or stranger!

If they live near us, have them check out Wheaton Montessori.  If they don’t live near us, have them check out any AMI-certified Montessori school in their area.   By spreading your own love of a Montessori education, you can help us change the face of education, one child at a time.