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Survey Says…
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Survey Says…


I recently sent out a GoogleForm to our parents, asking them for feedback regarding our enrollment processes.  I asked about their initial searches for preschools, what they wanted in a school for their children, why they decided to tour Wheaton Montessori School, and more.  We’re hoping to use the parent responses to help us provide better tours, host more informative Open Houses, and make stronger connections to the parents already so devoted to our school community.


One of the questions asked was, “Why have you STAYED at Wheaton Montessori School?”  This answer filled my heart with pride.


“Because we’re not crazy. 🙂 More specifically, and in no particular order, because we realized fairly quickly that by the time our child finished primary, he would have literally nothing to do for the first couple of years in a traditional school. Because it was obvious that the program at WMS is unparalleled, both academically and in all other aspects of child development. Because we knew that Montessori would be a better fit for our children than a traditional school throughout elementary school and beyond (we’re ready for an announcement about WMS starting a high school any time now!). Because we could not imagine any faculty or staff loving our kids more than the ones at WMS do. Because our kids have been happy, and have received a broader and more extensive education so far than it seems their peers in traditional school have received. Because we have watched our children, over the last 11+ years, be encouraged to work to their potential and develop into outstanding tween/teens, and as much as we would like to take full credit, it is clear that WMS has been a huge part of that.”


Because the form was completely anonymous, I have no idea to thank for these kinds words.


Also – because I’m also a Wheaton Montessori School parent, it gives me a huge lift to know that some day in the future, I might be writing similar words after my children are here for 11+ years.



Family Meet-and-Greet @ Wheaton Montessori School
May 25 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am

 For all Wheaton Montessori Families – past, present, and future!  Join us for meet-and-greet with your family and learn why other families have chosen Wheaton Montessori for their children’s futures.

Memorial Day; No school
May 28 all-day