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Straight from the Source – What Students Are Saying

Categories: General Knowledge Fund
From Mrs. Fortun, Lower Elementary teacher: 

Classroom Collaboration, Interviews, and Writing

Three of my second-grade boys have decided to collaborate on a project about the history of our school.  With some guidance from me, they included historical information about Dr. Montessori, the acceptance of the Montessori method of education throughout the world, and an interview with Ms. Lingo about her founding of WMS with Mrs. Berdick.  But this project all got started with some writing about what they like about going to school here.
After a long list of items such as, “You get to do research,” and “There are pets so that we learn to care for animals,” they needed to conclude this particular piece.  I sat with them and asked them, “Well, why do all these things you’ve listed make this a good place to go to school?”
“Well, we get to have fun while we are learning!” said one.
“Yeah!  And it makes us smarter and ready for more hard work!” said the next.
“And this school just…is a place where we get to do great stuff.” said the third.
“Mrs. Fortun….are you about to start crying?” said one.
I didn’t even pretend it was allergies.  I just said, “Everything you just said made me really happy.”