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I’m Tired of Reading the Same Book Over and Over to My Child.
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Henry, age 4, repeatedly requests the same book over and over. And I’m a bit sick of the plot line, to be honest.

“I just read this.  Can you pick something else please?”

Every parent has that *one* book that they’re just done with.  In my household?  “Lego Ninjago” books.  Henry wants the same two or three “Lego Ninjago” books over and over.  And over.   I resist and ask him to pick a different book.  He resists just as strongly to my suggestion.  And so, we read “Lego Ninjago” for the umpteenth time.  (Or I refuse and the whole reading experience declines in a hurry.)


The Rights of the Reader – The Right to Re-read.

Recently, I read Daniel Pennac’s “The Rights of the Reader.”  One of Pennac’s ten “Rights of the Reader” is the right to re-read.  Yes, it’s rather excruciating as the parent to read the same story over and over.  But to the child in love with the story, the characters, or just the cadence of your voice, it’s so much more than just repetition.


One of Pennac’s statements has stuck with me since I read the book.   I’ve thought about it nearly every night when Henry asks for a Ninjago book.  Again.   Pennac states:

“Reading again isn’t about repeating yourself; it’s about offering fresh proof of a love that never tires.”  


Henry may not be on this same wavelength every time he asks for a dramatic reading of “The Golden Weapons,” but it’s been a great motivator for me to read and re-read.  And re-read some more.  It’s not as difficult to plow through the 7th reading of the evening of the same title when I think to myself, “This is fresh proof of a love that never tires.”

If you need your own extra dose of motivation to re-read (or a large dose of motivation to read aloud at all), please read Pennac’s thoughts on “The Rights of the Reader.”   This is one of Ms. Chiste’s “Must Reads.”


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