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Why Montessori? Silence – In a Preschool Classroom?
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This post continues Mrs. Rogers’s “Why Montessori?” series. Please read her introductory post HERE, especially if you’re a current parent of a Wheaton Montessori School student!

For more of Mrs. Rogers’ series on “Why Montessori” and the key aspects that make this the best foundation for your child, you can find previous segments by following these links and staying tuned for the remainder.

Why Montessori? Silence.

Visitors to the Montessori classrooms first notice the beauty and order present throughout the environment. They also notice the quiet, especially if they are accustomed to teacher-directed systems of education. There are no bells prompting students to change activities or locations, no intercom, and no video and television instruction. Montessori teachers do gather the entire class for special events, singing, or sharing a story, but the voice of the teacher does no direct the movements of the children throughout the day.

In Montessori classrooms, there are occasions when the classroom is silent, when every child in the community is at work. More often, Montessori environments are characterized by the quiet hum of children at work, moving and talking together about subject that remain their undivided, uninterrupted attention. In a contemporary culture heavily influenced by the interruptions of technology and the distractions of screens, this is a rare and precious gift.