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The Question Every Parent Asks…
Categories: For Parents / General Knowledge Fund / Montessori At Home

“What can we do to support what is happening at school?”


During parent-teacher conferences, orientations, and parent nights, we hear from parents, “How can I help her at home?” or “What can we do for him to keep him learning at home?”  In short, “What can we do to support what is happening at school?”


Our teachers have put together a list of “best practices” for families to help their children make the most of their time both at school – and home.


  • Ensure that your child is well-rested for school, is eating nutritious meals, and is well-hydrated.
  • Prioritize good attendance and timeliness.  Plan vacations for school breaks for students in Kindergarten and above.
  • Provide plenty of unstructured down time for conversations, free play, and rest.
  • Take note of your child’s interests.  Provide materials and space in your home for children to explore their interests.  Visit local parks, museums, and historical sites in response to the interests they show.
  • Allow your elementary child to communicate between school and home with regard to school supplies, upcoming events, going-out plans, and homework expectations.
  • If your child reports a problem at school, encourage him/her to speak with a teacher.  Demonstrate your confidence that they can handle these interactions and solve challenging problems.  Remember that serious issues or ongoing problems that we observe will absolutely be communicated to you!
  • All parents should attend Parent Nights and observe in the classroom regularly.  Grandparents are welcome to attend as well.  In fact, we welcome all the adults who are part of your child’s home life to be a part of your child’s school life as well.
  • When you have questions, ASK!
  • READ, READ, READ, READ, READ.  Then, read some more.


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