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Primary After-School Art Class: Thank you to Mrs. Mitten and The Field Museum

Categories: General Knowledge Fund

The Primary After-School Art Class with Mrs. Mitten drew turkey vultures this week.  Mrs. Mitten brought in two dioramas, borrowed from The Field Museum in Chicago.  The Field Museum has allowed our students to use these scientific specimens to explore art and creativity in nature for a few years now.  We’re grateful that Betsy continues to offer this experience to our students!


This week, Mrs. Mitten invited the students to observe the specimens and they discussed the animals, special adaptations, diet, and habits.  They learned quite a bit about scavengers and birds that feed upon carrion. (They even discussed why feathers wouldn’t be great on a face if you feed on carrion!)  The students then took up their chalk pastels to recreate the birds, focusing on observing the dioramas before them.

While this is an “after school” or “extra-curricular” experience for these children, the skills and the information trickle through our entire school.  Mrs. Mitten, an AMI trained teacher herself, has a unique way of sharing both artistic techniques and scientific knowledge that engages the students.  The students then share their new skills over the next few days in class and discuss animal facts and behaviors they learned.

Thank you again to Mrs. Mitten and The Field Museum for providing our students with this opportunity!