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Wheaton Montessori School Parent Perspective: The Value of Parent Nights

Categories: Adolescent Program / For Parents

At the most recent Night at Wheaton Montessori School, parents attended programs in their child’s classroom, rather than attending a school-wide program.  This allowed each teacher to present a topic that he or she felt was most important for the families in their respective classrooms at this time of the year.

Dr. John-Marc Bilezikian took it one step further.  He asked his students in the Junior High what they felt was the most important thing for their parents to know about them. Each student submitted their thoughts on the topic: “What I Want My Parents to Know About Teens.”  (Also learned during this exercise: not many of them like being referred to as a “teen.”)   Each student was able to write down something important to them and have it presented through a neutral, trusted teacher.



As children get older, schedules, practicities, and extracurricular events can make it hard to attend Parent Nights throughout the year.  We urge you to continue to make these Parent Nights a priority.  As we saw with the Junior High students’ participation, your children are counting on your participation.  


We asked several Junior High Parents for their feedback as to the value of Parent Nights at Wheaton Montessori School, especially for parents of older children with busy schedules.  Here is one parent’s response:


“Junior High parent nights are invaluable for me. And not just because the adolescent holds his cards close.

Time spent in contemplation and conversation with John-Marc and other parents is reaffirming of our parenting choices. Especially the one where we aligned with a carefully chosen AMI school community as a partner in our children’s learning and character development.

On shepherding kids through adolescence, and parenting in general, we may have different specific values and techniques from others around us. But in coming together to listen, we learn from each other. And I think we discover that we have all or most of the big stuff in common: community, responsibility, care and respect for others, latitude, safety, learning and improvement, goals. On the small stuff, it helps to hear others talk of letting some things go. That’s reassuring and reaffirming. That’s exactly what you need at the end of a long day at work.

Then there’s John-Marc himself, who simply by his presence creates a meditative atmosphere and opens the mind to new thoughts. He always has the right words to make stuff make sense.

I can’t say enough about the value of these events.”