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Parent Testimonial: Why Wheaton Montessori Elementary School?

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What do parents consider when they enroll their children at Wheaton Montessori School for Elementary School?

We recently asked several parents of Wheaton Montessori School Elementary students why they chose to continue at Wheaton Montessori School after the preschool and Kindergarten years.   David B., parent of two Wheaton Montessori students, one in Elementary and one in Primary, shared the following with us:

“I need to list a number of factors that contributed to the decision to keep our son at Wheaton Montessori (for Elementary school).

Getting to know the elementary students and the way they treated the Primary students and the way they acted, their good manners, their enthusiasm.
Knowing that our son would be allowed to find his passions and pursue them and that he would be encouraged along the way
– Knowing he would be able to work ahead of the other students if he showed the aptitude and the desire
Knowing that his unique way of seeing the world would be encouraged and nourished
– We wanted to continue the wonderful success and progress we had witnessed in the three years of primary school
-The AMI accreditation gives us great confidence that the procedures in the classroom are tried-and-true
-My son likes his school community and every day is a good day at his school.”
– David B., Wheaton Montessori School parent