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Observations: A Parent’s Review
Categories: Fan Mail / For Parents / Visiting Wheaton Montessori

At Wheaton Montessori School, we encourage parents to come and observe their children during the school day. It’s the best way for parents to see the genius of Montessori education and how their children are flourishing at school.

Recently, Lety and Isifrido, parents of two primary student in our school, came in to observe two different classrooms. Upon leaving, Lety offered to write down her observations and reaction to seeing the children working. Here are her remarks:

“After observing, there is no doubt in my mind that Wheaton Montessori is designed to help foster a community with unforgettable learning experiences, all is self-control and manipulative.

We observed that there is no arguing or fighting, there are only little people who come up with solutions to their tiny little problems. In most schools, there is a managed system that does not permit time for students to think of solutions, yet at Wheaton Montessori, there is plenty of time and room for that.

When we observed, my husband and I did not exist, it was just their thought process and their community.”

As I sat and observed, I thought, if only all had an opportunity to this amazing learning experience.”

Thank you for the beautiful insight, Lety!

Have you observed your child yet during the school day? Call the office to schedule your time in your child’s community at 630-653-5100.