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Mrs. Fortun’s “Mic Drop” Moment at Wheaton Montessori
Categories: Spotlight on Our Teachers

Irina, a second-grader at Wheaton Montessori school, gave Mrs. Fortun an opportunity to give herself a major pat on the back.

Fluidity and Viscosity – Basic Concepts

During a lesson on the fluidity and viscosity of liquids, Irina was able to draw upon the knowledge she acquired during previous lessons. For example, Irina already knew that:

  • In general, particles expand with heat; and
  • Liquid particles are “cooperative.” In other words, they roll over one another like beads in a glass, taking the shape of the container they are in.

What Happens If…?

On this particular day, we were observing that molasses is viscous (from Latin: “to cling”). As part of the lesson, Mrs. Fortun prompted her students by saying, “Let’s see what happens if we heat it up!”

Sidenote from Mrs. Mayhugh: Isn’t this is every young child’s dream? To have the “grown-ups” in charge say, “Should we add fire?” and know that you aren’t going to get in trouble? 

While the molasses was heating, Irina was thinking out loud to herself, but luckily within Mrs. Fortun’s earshot. She murmured, “I suppose the particles are expanding because they are heating up… and I guess that could make more space between them… which… which would make them roll over one another more easily.”

*mic drop*