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What would Maria Montessori know about…?
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At Wheaton Montessori School this year, we are rededicating ourselves to the idea that an authentic Montessori education can be used as a method for bringing about a more peaceful world.  A world in which conflicts are resolved through respectful discourse and with healthy problem-solving skills.


Does it sound a bit lofty?  Does it remind you of parent nights when parents ask, “Sure, but what does Montessori teach about ‘the real world’?”


Did you know that Dr. Montessori lived through two world wars, the second of which uprooted her life and threatened to destroy her life’s work?  During World War II, Nazis “systematically destroyed Montessori schools in Germany, followed by Fascists closing all Montessori Schools in Italy.” (Source: Aiden Montessori School.) Montessori was forced to flee her home in Italy.  After this time, she spent the remainder of her life starting schools across Europe, educating teachers wherever and whenever she could.


Students at Wheaton Montessori School are taught to respect differences and search for common ground during disagreements.  They practice resolving conflict with courtesy, rather than aggression.  They observe the adults around them doing the same.  They do this every day in the classrooms, so that when they are NOT in the classroom, they already have the skills needed to be peaceful, strong, independent adults.