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Many Happy Returns
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The Happy Return… of a Bench.

Several years ago, Ms. Dipika’s class decorated a special bench as an item to offer at our annual Silent Auction.  The bench was decorated with the flags of each country represented by our student’s nationalities.  The students painted the bench with the flag motifs and signed the inside to “autograph” their work.  Several of the students that worked on this project will be graduating from our Jr. High – our first 9th graders to be moving on from Wheaton Montessori School.


The family of Gavin Richetti purchased the Flag Bench at that auction, so many years ago, helping our school during our Spring fundraiser.  The Annual Gala and Silent Auction is our main fundraiser for the year, with proceeds going towards the school’s operating fund, costs for our elementary trips, replacing materials in the classrooms, and more.    This is one of the biggest nights of the year for the school; above all, we’re always humbled by the support and generosity of our school community.


The Generosity Continues.

When the Richetti family learned that we would be expanding our campus, they donated the Flag Bench back to the school, in great condition.  They had used it lovingly for years and now wanted it to be a part of our new space.  Ms. Chiste jumped at the opportunity to include it in her new space.  She requested the Flag Bench for her classroom to be used as her new reading bench.


Ms. Chiste moved into her classroom on a Friday.  The next morning, a group of parents came in to help move furniture.  The Flag Bench was one of the first pieces to be “installed.”

Owen, age 5, reading to his younger sister Meara, age 2.


Mackenzie, Age 3, Looking through Ms. Chiste’s current read-a-loud selection, “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” on the Flag Bench