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How to Make Reading Fun!

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Mrs. Schneider joined our staff this year as our “Reading Specialist” on the Elementary Team.  She helps students one-on-one, in small groups, and throughout the day in the classroom.  Recently, a parent remarked that her daughter had told her, “I wish I was in Phonics Club!”


We asked Mrs. Schneider how she’s helped so many students love reading and see it as a treat, rather than a chore.  She had the following tips.

How to Make Reading Fun!

  • Call it a club!
  • Follow the “Goldilocks Rule” for reading material.  If a book is too easy for a child, boredom sets in.  IF a book is too difficult, the child can quickly get frustrated and quit.  If a book is “just right,” the child’s reading confidence grows.
  • Turn any board game into a reading game!  Before you roll the dice, spin the dial, etc., you have to read a word card first.
  • Share books that YOU loved at your child’s age.
  • Read aloud!  Your child not only craves stories, but also your attention and time.   Create a positive relationship with your child that focuses on sharing books.

At school, Mrs. Schneider also focuses on creating a healthy and positive relationship with students.  By showing that she cares about the students and helping them while focusing on reading, the students are willing to try new things, knowing their doing so in a safe and helpful environment.