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Local Honey and Handmade Soaps for Sale
Categories: General Knowledge Fund

Local Honey for Sale at Parent Discovery Night

About our honey:  WMS Honey is not pasteurized and is minimally filtered to assure the presence of pollen.  As with any such honey, it will crystallize relatively quickly.  To delay crystallization, do not refrigerate (honey will stay good indefinitely when kept warm and dry).  If your honey does crystallize, this is a change in state, not a change in quality.  You may use it as is.  If you would like to re-liquefy it, just put the bottle in very warm water.  DO NOT microwave.
Baby Bears (2 oz.) – $3/ea.
Mommy or Daddy Bears (12 oz.) – $10/ea.
Soap – $5/bar
Cash or Check made out to:  Wheaton Montessori School
Benefits the Jr. High Program.