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Junior High Seminar: “Firsts: Women Who Are Changing the World”
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“Firsts: Women Who Are Changing The World”

On Friday mornings, our Junior High students conducts its weekly seminar.


The seminar topics are chosen by the students on a rotating basis.  The student responsible for the weekly topic selects news reports, periodical articles, or studies for their classmates to read in advance of the Friday seminar.  Past topics have included the Zika virus outbreak in South America, gender roles in society, Einstein’s personal history and professional work, social media, music and pop culture, and current polictical events.

Two weeks ago, the Adolescent Community discussed TIME Magazine’s  article “One Giant Leap for Mankind” by Nancy Gibbs, which focuses on “Firsts, Women Who are Changing the World.” The article highlights women who are pioneers in their field.  One of the points of discussion with the adolescents was, “Is there anyone that you felt was left out that should have been included?”


The response: “Dr. Montessori.”


Note: The TIME Magazine article highlighted 46 women, all living.  So we can give TIME a break for not including Dr. Montessori, a pioneer in many ways!