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Introducing Jordan Reyes

Categories: General Knowledge Fund / Spotlight on Our Teachers

Wheaton Montessori School has a new physical education teacher!  We’re thrilled to announce that Jordan Reyes will be joining the staff at Wheaton Montessori School as our new Phys.Ed. teacher!  Mr. Reyes will work primarily with our Elementary Team during their “gym” time, providing opportunities for exercise and movement after the morning’s Montessori cycle of work.  Mr. Reyes has a degree in Exercise Science from North Central College and several years of experience in personal training.


Jordan is looking forward to getting to know our students better and helping them gain muscle control and body awareness.   He’ll be working with our students providing structured time for physical education while working around the Montessori classroom work cycles.  From classic “gym” games to calisthenics and cardio activities, Mr. Reyes will be offering a wide variety of activities for our students!


Recently, he’s been visiting and observing during recess and “gym” times.  He’s seen first-hand just how intense the Elementary Softee Hockey games can be!  Mr. Reyes has great interpersonal skills and a high level of enthusiasm for his trade; we’re excited to see him as part of our community next year.


Last year, Mr. Reyes volunteered with our Adolescent (Junior High) community at Northside Park to provide ideas, instruction, and motivation for exercise and fitness. Here are a few pictures of Jordan working with the Junior High students, many of whom perfected pull-ups and planks that day! His previous success in connecting with the Junior High students, ability to translate his knowledge into accessible information for our students, and have FUN with our students brought him to mind when we were searching for a physical education teacher.


Please help us welcome Jordan Reyes!