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Indoor Activities for Children for the Summer

Categories: Summer Ideas

Summertime in the Chicago suburbs brings rising temperatures and sweltering days. Some days it’s just too hot to endure being outside. But without turning on the TV for hours on end, how can you keep your kids busy and occupied?

Ms. Chiste and Mrs. Berdick have brainstormed a few great ways to get your children involved indoors. Stay cool without resorting to hours of television and electronics!

  1.  Re-organize the kitchen cabinets. Your children will spend HOURS taking out the Tupperware, stacking it, restacking it, climbing into the cupboard to make a “hide-out,” etc. As an added bonus, you might finally be able to locate all of the missing lids to your containers.
  2. Write a letter! Do you remember getting “snail-mail” as a child? Or how exciting it is now to get something other than a bill or a catalog? Write letters to friends, family members, even neighbors. Help your child address the envelope, then mail it off! You could incorporate a trip to the post office to really make it a big deal.
  3. Picnic on the kitchen floor. (Added bonus – your children will be thrilled to mop the floor before and after. Truly thrilled.)
  4. Let them loose with the vacuum. Show them how to use the attachments and let them get into the nooks and crannies of your sofa.
  5. Go to the library!! It’s always cool in the library. Stay to read. Browse through a section you’ve never looked through in previous visits. Ask your child to find a book by their favorite author. Look through the display cases together.

Just looking to beat the summer boredom?  Enroll your child in one of our weekly summer camps!  After all, development doesn’t take the summer off!   Email us at for more information on how we can help your child thrive over the summer.