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Human Beings Need to Communicate
Categories: Elementary Program / General Knowledge Fund

Lucie and the Lesson: “Timeline of the Human Being”

From previous lessons, we have discussed that human beings have a need to communicate. During these lessons, we discussed fundamental material and spiritual needs. We learned about (fundamental) material needs, such as food, water, warmth, shelter, and safety. We also talked about spiritual needs, which can only be addressed after material needs are secured.

During our recent lesson of “The Timeline of the Human Being,” we discussed these material and spiritual needs.

Lucie, one of our second-graders, is always very adept at discussing these ideas, but in this lesson she made a few great observations:

“They must have had to communicate to figure out how to prepare those big animal skins!”

“They really had to work together to figure out who would cook and who would stand guard!”

She also noticed that there was a big shift at the time of the agricultural development. Lucie’s three older siblings have completed our elementary program; it looks like she’s following in their footsteps as a history buff!