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High Praise from Association Montessori International
Categories: Dr. Montessori / Fan Mail

Every three years, schools certified by the Association Montessori International under review, observation, and a consultation period.  Next year is our “Consultation Year.”  On years that we do not have an AMI consultant visit, we still have to reapply for certification.  AMI-certified schools must pass the most stringent requirements for upholding authentic Montessori philosophical methods and recommendations.


Today, we received our certificates for the 2017-2018 school year, acknowledging that WMS again is recognized by AMI-USA for upholding the rigorous standards set by Dr. Montessori herself.



In honor of passing the rigorous certification requirements again this year, we’d like to share what our consultant had to say during the last visit to our Elementary program in 2015:


“It was a delight to visit this gem of a Montessori school.  Rebecca Lingo and Wheaton Montessori School’s elementary team are earnest (and successful) and unified in their desire to implement Montessori tenets and AMI standards.  They are humble in self-evaluation, eager for constructive input, and passionate in their love for children and the Montessori approach.  I wish them every success for many more years of service to the children and families of their community.”

– J. McKeever, AMI-USA Consultant, 2015