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The High Lake Sculpture Garden: A Private Tour

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One of our biggest resources at Wheaton Montessori School is the diversity of talents that each of our families offers to the community.  A hidden gem in the WMS family community is Mr. Steven Mueller, a grandparent of two Wheaton Montessori students.  Along with being a grandfather, he’s also a world-traveler who’s experienced have influence his life’s work: art.


In the last few years, he’s donated a priceless work of art to our silent auction, as well as the gift of his time to give tours of his private sculpture garden, the High Lake Sculpture Garden.  This year, he agreed to give our Junior High students a private tour of his collection during their “Creative Expression” portion of their daily curriculum.  Several of our students this year are intensely interested in art history, different forms of art, and process art.  It’s a perfect match between student “needs” and a volunteer’s talents and generosity.



Last week our adolescent community visited the High Lake Sculpture Garden for an immersive tour with Mr. Mueller.   Dr. Bilezikian called it a “beautiful and inspirational day.”  In fact, one day wasn’t enough!  Several students requested a second visit to explore more of the art in the garden and to be able to talk more with Mr. Mueller about his work, his processes, and gardens.




Thank you very much to Mr. Mueller, artist, guide, and Wheaton Montessori grandpa, for enriching the creative lives of our students and community!



For more information about Mr. Mueller and visiting the High Lake Sculpture Garden, please visit his webpage by clicking here.  



From Mr. Mueller’s website:

Stephen Mueller was born in Joliet, Illinois in 1952. From the ages of 8 to 20 he lived in Switzerland, Germany and Australia. He returned to America in 1972 to attend the John Herron School of Art where he studied with Gary Freeman and received his BFA in 1976. He received his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Illinois in 1978.After graduating he moved to Chicago to co-found Vector Custom Fabricating, Inc., a company that specializes in the fabrication of architectural metals and monumental sculpture. Over the last 31 years Vector has worked with several artists on their larger projects – among them Martin Puryear, Mike Baur, Terrence Karpowicz, Bruce White, Christine Rojek, Neil Goodman, Donald Gummer, Stephen Luecking, John Himmelfarb and Vito Acconci.

Travels to Australia have influenced the direction of his work since 2007.

The High Lake Sculpture Garden is the private art collection of Stephen and Deborah Mueller that includes monumental sculpture on their one acre residence in West Chicago, Illinois. The collection focuses on contemporary Chicago and Mid-West artists. The public is encouraged to visit their collection.