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The First One to Show Us This Great Stuff

Categories: Fan Mail / For Parents / General Knowledge Fund / Spotlight on Our Teachers

From Mrs. Fortun, our Lower Elementary teacher:

Two first graders, both originally from Mrs. Berdick’s class, worked all morning on creating a list of noun phrases (the heavy book, the fast train) and symbolizing them with the symbols for noun, article and adjective.

Midway through the work, they approach me to ask whether they can make a gift of this work to Mrs. Berdick.  “Because, like…she was the first one to show us all this great stuff!”
I agree…and suggest that they also write a note to Mrs. Berdick letting her know that this work made them think of her lessons fondly.  They sit together to compose the letter, which says, “Dear Mrs. Berdick.  Remember when you showed us the farm?  Look, now we can make up our own phrases and symbolize them.  Thanks for all the great lessons!”    (At some point, the student doing the writing paused to say to himself, “Wow, look at how great my handwriting has gotten!”)
I sent the students to bring Mrs. Berdick her gift.  When they returned, they were buzzing with the news that Mrs. Berdick had accurately been able to identify which specific phrases each of them had come up with.  “Mrs. Berdick knew that I was the one who wrote ‘the fast train’!  How did she know that?”
“I guess she knows you pretty well,” I said.
“Yep, I guess she does,” said the children, both walking away with HUGE smiles.