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Embracing Repetition
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Embracing Repetition

Why does my child want to do the same thing, over and over?

In this picture, the amount of repetition is easy to see.  Morgan, age 3, has a stack of spirals that he has carefully cut.  He has a stack that he plans on cutting after he’s done with the spiral that he’s currently working on.  His hands, eyes, arms, and body are working together to do some fairly intricate cutting work for a young child.  From the amount of work, we can imagine the time that Morgan has spent in deep concentration on this task.


Why does he do it?  It’s not just busy work for Morgan.  If it were, he would have cut one spiral and abandoned the work out of boredom.


Deeper Significance of the Skill

“A child doesn’t simply repeat an exercise over and over again for repetition sake. A child repeats to perfect, to reinforce a skill, and to internalize the skill in order to garner the deeper significance of the skill – synthesis, problem-solving, and analysis, for example.” – Marnie Craycroft, “Carrots are Orange”

Practicing his cutting skills helps him hone his fine motor movements and strengthen his hands. Repetition brings mastery and “perfection.”





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