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From an Elementary Mother: Why Wheaton Montessori

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From Lorena R., Wheaton Montessori Parent and mother of a current 4th grader at Wheaton Montessori School 


Why I Choose to Stay with Montessori


Max, posing with his Work Expo presentation. Max researched and worked on the topic of the Human Brain for the Work Expo this year.

I choose to stay with Wheaton Montessori because Max absolutely loves it there.  He likes his friends and the work that he does.  I feel he gets a sense of security, structure, and satisfaction when he’s there.  He wakes up every morning since he started at Wheaton Montessori excited and eager to get there.  


One of my favorite things that I love most is he is able to work at his own pace until he understands the assignment.  There’s no going ahead (without him).  One of the biggest problems my daughter struggled with being in a public school – she never felt caught up with her class.


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