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From an Elementary Mother: Why Wheaton Montessori Elementary?

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Question: Why did I decide to enroll my daughter in the WMS elementary?


Answer: I think for this question, the best answer is “changes.” Two kinds of change finally anchored our heart to the Montessori education for my daughter.


The first change is from my daughter, Ada. I still remember how sensitive she was before she was 3-years-old. She could not feel free in the playground to play with other kids, she could not accept others’ hugs, or any skin touch, etc.

But after three years primary school  at WMS, she changed. We can say that we got a “new” beloved little girl. Now she loves the playground, she can laugh and run crazily with other kids. She can play all kinds of games with others, even if it means being touched.  All these changes actually just are the tip of the iceberg.

We appreciate all the help from WMS. We like the child-centered education approach, with which Ada learned how to choose what she wants, how to make her own decisions, and how to solve problems independently. We like that they call their school activities “work.”  Under this calling, she learned respect, not just respect for others, but the most importantly, self-respect.

We also like the uninterrupted block time, which help her build the concentration ability. I heard frequently: “Mommy, do you know how busy I was today?”, “Mommy, I worked so hard, and finished all the schedules on my list.”, “Oh, you can see it someday, I wrote all my work in my journal”. I can see the happy and proud emotion flowing out of her eyes. My heart was touched.

Ada’s progress makes both us and herself very satisfied. We love WMS.

We don’t want our daughter to “follow our old road.”

Another change is from my husband and myself. We experienced a very rough and serious traditional school education. We really know what our daughter would experience in that environment. The  rough-and-tumble competition, the anxious grade ranking, and the parents’ attitude toward the grade sequencing.  All those pressure could drive out of your own track, and lose yourself little by little.  For many, the boring and one-way learning from teacher’s lecture would wear down your enthusiasm to school.

We don’t want our daughter follow our old road in growing up. We want her to be herself, happily and healthy. We want she can have positive attitude to face all kinds of challenge in her future. All these hopes also draw our attention to Montessori education.