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Development Doesn’t Take the Summer Off
Categories: Elementary Program / Summer Ideas

Wheaton Montessori Summer Camp – An Opportunity to Keep Learning



Ms. Lingo, our head of school, was able to step back into the classroom during the first weeks of Wheaton Montessori’s summer camp.  It was great timing – one of Ms. Lingo’s interests, Botany, was the theme for the first week of camp.   With this theme, elementary students focused on the world of plants around us.  While the week has a theme, the classroom work of the students also continues.


A “rising 2nd grader” asked Ms. Lingo on the first day, “Are you going to be giving lessons?!?  There’s one I really NEED.  It’s suffixes.  I can wait until school, but I’d really like it.”


Upon hearing him say that he both “needs” the lesson but “can wait,” Ms. Lingo asked him, “Oh?  Are you that patient?”  The new second-grader responded: “Yeah, I’m patient.  Not like ‘my-whole-life’ patient, but I’m patient.  Like I said, I CAN wait until school, but I’d really like the lesson now!”


And so, there was a lesson that combined botany and suffixes.  And it worked.


Two of our “Rising 2nd Graders” working on repotting plants in the Elementary Classroom during the first week of Summer Camp.  The theme of the week was “Botany,” allowing for quite a bit of hands-on gardening. 

As John-Marc Bilezikian told parents earlier this Spring, “Development doesn’t take the summer off.” And this 2nd grade student has just reminded us of that!