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Creating a Community of Teachers at Wheaton Montessori
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Student Teachers at Wheaton Montessori School

This week, we have the honor of hosting Mrs. Sharp, a student teacher who is working towards her teaching certificate from Association Montessori International (AMI).  Mrs. Sharp was also with us for her AMI-certification classroom observation requirements last year.


To be trusted and recommended by AMI-USA to help “create a community of teachers” for future classrooms is an honor.  For Wheaton Montessori, it means that we are trusted by our accrediting organization to provide full classrooms, stocked with authentic materials, and with teachers that will help train their peers who recognize the importance of adhering to Dr. Montessori’s philosophy in its entirety.   This year, we will be hosting several different teachers-in-training who have been recommended by AMI-USA to observe in our classrooms and learn from our own classroom teachers.


Each of the Wheaton Montessori School teachers has gone through these steps in order to be certified to teach in an AMI-recognized school.  This is a small way that we can help “pay back” all of the teachers and administrators who hosted us for classroom observation and student teaching while we were in training.   Our own Mrs. Carrillo gets to finish her training with one more stint of observing and teaching under the care of similarly-dedicated educators.