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Core Strength, “W” Sitting, and How to Help
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Core Strength and Academics

Last Fall, Brooke Backsen of My Recess Therapy, Inc. visited and spoke on the importance of core strength for young children.   In her talk, “What’s Core Got to Do With It?,” Ms. Backsen discussed the relationship between core strength, academics, and attention.   Even the youngest children benefit by an actively-engaged core; it enables them sit up, concentrate, and focus on their work.


One of Ms. Backsen’s biggest recommendations was to be on the lookout for “W” sitting in our children and students.  The wider base created by the child’s legs creates a more stable sitting position, it’s true.  But the long-term effects of this position can impair not only muscle tone and joint heath in the legs, but contribute to difficulties in the classroom as well, according to Ms. Backsen.


Recently, this image popped up in our Facebook newsfeed from LemonLimeAdventures.  Take a look and see if you recognize any of the postures and seated positions!


“W-Sitting” is a common position for students needing help with core strength.



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