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Catching Up with Old (Young) Friends
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Two of the youngest of these students will be graduating from our 9th grade this year. Recently, I was able to catch up with one of the boys from this class and talk about his plans for college.

Catching Up with Alumni

From Rebecca Lingo

We’re readying ourselves for the next Recognition Ceremony and new batch of graduating students. A large number of these will be continuing in our own programs in either Elementary or Junior High. Some students are moving to local junior high and high schools. This is a time of year it’s easy to reminisce, especially given our recent “Alumni Night,” where several past students returned to share their experiences since they’ve graduated from Wheaton Montessori School.

A week or so after our official Alumni Night, I met with another student, now a high school senior at a local high school, who was unable to attend the night of our panel discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his updates about his senior year.  He told me about his classes, relayed his plans for college, and prom. I especially enjoyed hearing about the”end of year surveys” he planned. He had thought out many reasonable and generous explanations for one class experience, but he was formulating recommendations for improving the class: make use of local observatories, leave room for projects to be connected with current areas of study, and take advantage of Chicago’s abundant resources. He stated that current projects, while fun for the students, projects do not directly relate to the area of study or deepen their understanding of the material. And this subject lends itself to projects easily, in his opinion.

I am not surprised to hear that he has ideas to improve future students’ experiences. But I had not expected to hear a detailed plan for communicating his thoughts and such a generous understanding of the challenges the teacher’s personal life plays into his or her work.

A Time of Transition and Reflection

There was also a great deal of time catching up on each of his former classmates. He shared what he knew and asked about other’s college choices, plans, and goals. He asked about students a few years ahead of him in school. Alumni – please fill us in! We would love to hear your plans for college, high school classes, extracurricular activities, and more.

Catching up With Alumni

We have had several alumni return in the last few months:

Neel S. visited on a recent Saturday and talked with Mr. Lingo. He attends and plays baseball for IIT.

James H. plays baseball for University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. We get to hear updates on James’s college career from his younger brother, a student in our adolescent community.

Purva S., a sophomore at St. Louis University, visited just a few weeks ago while she was home for Spring Break. She wanted to come in and see her former teachers.

During our Alumni Panel Night, we were able to celebrate the many successes and plans of the alumni that were able to attend. Ivania is attending Waubansee Community College and has set her sights high for a career in business. Veda has committed to an 8-year medical school program at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. The current high school juniors, Henry and Caleb, were looking forward to taking on more leadership roles in student council and football, respectively. Cammi C. is extremely busy with a supervisor position at a local swim school and will pursue a degree in Chemistry after graduating from high school this May.