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Parent Review – A Trip to the Art Institute of Chicago
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Parent Review: Elementary Going-Out to the Art Institute

From Eric B., father of two Wheaton Monstessori School Elementary Students: 


Toward the end of the year I had the great pleasure of driving 4 upper el students to the Art Institute. They wanted to see the Thorne Rooms for a project they were working on. We explored the exhibit and had tons of time left, so I showed them some of my favorite works of art. They had interesting and intelligent comments and also some clear ideas about other things they wanted to see. However, as might be expected of kids their age, three hours in the museum was quite enough for one day.


I suggested we could explore the Loop a bit, see The Bean, Millennium Park, other sites, but their response… “We really ought to get back to school!” I don’t think there are very many 5th and 6th graders in my experience who would choose returning to school – so they wouldn’t miss Spanish, by the way – over dragging out the field trip to miss the whole day.


One more bit of evidence about what a great place Wheaton Montessori School is!


And on the same trip our two hours in the car were filled with pleasant banter and interesting conversation. Not one unkind word was exchanged among them and there was even the rule, laid down by the students, that no one could tune out with headphones.”We only have a short drive, so you have to talk with us.”



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