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Wheaton Montessori School Alumni Night – Your Impressions
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Recently, we were lucky to have several alumni return to Wheaton Montessori School. These young adults took questions from the audience, made up of parents of current students. We have asked several parents of current students for their “biggest take-away” from the Alumni Panel Discussion. Sarah, parent of two primary students, starts us off:

“My strongest impression from the alumni panel was how unusually and commendably comfortable the students were with themselves. They were grounded, they were honest, they weren’t trying to impress anyone, and they seemed to really know who they were and to feel ok about it. So many people spend their teenage years trying to hide behind a projection of who they think they “ought” to be; they’re afraid that no one, themselves included, will like who they really are. By contrast, what I saw among the panel of WMS alums was a remarkably high level of the confidence that comes only from self-knowledge and self-acceptance. I’d never met any of them before, but I was so proud of them. I hope that our kids will grow up to be just as brave, generous, and loving as the students we saw that evening.”

Sarah also noted what many other parents noted – a high level of anxiety in the parent population surrounding the child’s future transition to traditional educational settings. However, our alumni were quick to point out that it was no where near as difficult or traumatic as many of the parents imagine the possibility to be. This comes as no surprise to the teachers here, especially with the “high level of confidence… self-knowledge and self-acceptance” that these young adults all displayed on Alumni Night.

What was your biggest take-away from Alumni Night? Share in the comments below!