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Betsy Mitten Art Studio: Weekly Update
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Mrs. Mitten’s Art Class: The Weekly Recap


Please enjoy Mrs. Mitten’s weekly email to the parents of her After-School Art Class participants.  My favorite part: “Sharing our ideas made everyone’s collection of possibilities grow!”   Isn’t that true for most things in life?

Dear Parents,

We launched into our two-week collage project yesterday, inspired by the likes of artist Pablo Picasso and children’s author/illustrator Eric Carle. Our warm-up exercise involved drawing as many different kinds of lines, textures, and patterns we could think of to create a visual collection of ideas for our work…zig-zag, dashed, dotted, loopy, bumpy, rough, smooth, checkerboard, plaid, and on and on. Sharing our ideas made everyone’s collection of possibilities grow!
Before we began painting, we took a closer look at Eric Carle’s book, Brown Bear, and discussed his process. Carle hand-painted tissue paper, and once dry, cut out shapes to create the characters and collage illustrations in his stories. We could suddenly see the brush strokes and marks on all of his work!
After a quick demonstration, everyone donned an apron and began painting. Mrs. Maldonado and I marveled at the creative experimentation, concentration, and joy we observed during the class. Her photographs do a beautiful job of capturing these moments.
Next week your children will use their painted tissue paper, along with other materials, to design and assemble their collages.  I can’t wait to see what to see what they all create!
Please enjoy Mrs. Maldonado’s photographs!
Thank you,