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A Parent and Teacher’s Perspective: Why Wheaton Montessori Elementary?
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Choosing Wheaton Montessori for Elementary


Bethany S. is the mother of one of our “graduating” Kindergarten students. She’s also a teacher at a local traditional school and shares in the dilemma that many Wheaton Montessori School parents are experiencing. Our local traditional school systems enjoy a very high reputation. We also pay property taxes for these traditional systems, but love the philosophy and approach to education offered at Wheaton Montessori School. Bethany has many positive feelings and views of the local public school. We know how tough a decision it can be not taking advantage of the local schools; we feel great pride that Bethany’s daughter Addy will be staying for our elementary program!

I asked Bethany for some of her thoughts as both a WMS parent and a teacher in a traditional setting. She responded readily about the positives of both our local schools and Wheaton Montessori School and shared her family’s original motivations for enrolling her daughter in our primary program. Addy will be joining our elementary program next year; Bethany also shares her thoughts on why they chose to stay, despite a very positive view with our local school system.

Preschool at Wheaton Montessori: The Importance of Empathy


My original reasons for primary:


  1. Multi-age classroom-I love the learning from peers and being able to help younger students
  2. Focus on respect and empathy for others-it was never the academics that drew me in for primary it was all the other aspects being taught in the classroom

Why Stay for Wheaton Montessori Elementary?


My reasons for choosing to stay in elementary:

  1. Again the multi-age classroom provides so many rich opportunities and naturally motivates the students
  2. Same teachers over multiple years
  3. Environment fosters intrinsic motivation (no grades, seeing peers doing things you want to do, etc.)
  4. Again the focus on respect and empathy. Appreciating differences
  5. Technology is too heavily present in our particular local school
  6. WMS values family time (no homework)
  7.  Too much testing is public schools
  8. After listening to graduates of WMS I was awestruck with their self-awareness and self-confidence and want that for my daughter


And probably the biggest reason #9


My daughter is thriving in her primary classroom!! She has grown so much as a person. She is able to play with any child (or adult) no matter the age. She is able to tell other children no in polite ways. She helps problem solve in group situations. She loves her “work” and is motivated by the structure of the classroom.